Fully understand we have a weight issue more mass than church on a Sunday. Fully understand if you wanted bullshit you would buy a bull. My guardian angel absolutely fucking assures me I need to share this with you. personally I know I’m onto a winner satisfied I’ve made a success of my life motivational speaker dead cert from my birth certificate. mono e mono I truly want you & everyone on board this cruise liner. there are some absolute top drawer characters in here I’m talking about Donnie Fiasco as one example who we learn is irony personified truly Hitler without the menace Jesus without the relevance a rogue Buddhist if you will. Bless him he is lost last in the bible however it states he who finishes last finishes first so let’s appoint Donnie Fiasco as our leader. Lost yet always gets us where we need to be. his uniform inside outside is hawaian shirt batman ๐Ÿฆ‡ pyjamas Nike Air max Trainers. T rainers the T is the โ˜” his favourite food is Benny Bedlams upside down cake. Passed his driving test 1st time & wrote off every vehicle he ever drove. Passenger Donnie. believing you are a crash test dummy you are truly valuable an absolute asset extended to everyone in the audience never doubt you are truly valuable an absolute asset. Count your blessings value life life values you if someone doesn’t appreciate you that’s their problem not your problem. Remain respectful remain disrespectful always remember there is no one you would rather be than you. Doing nothing yet doing it so well as you’re doing something still with constant flow. Live your dream Live as though you are in the twilight years of your life. Live like your life depends it. It surely purely does. Military expert General Consensus. Dragon, cobra Johnny Relentless Miss Chief Babigail Abby Baba & the Norty thieves. THE LOCH NESS MONSTER LOCH N LOAD WAS ARMED TO THE TEETH BEFORE HE STARTED TEETHING. GODZILLA & KING KONGS Offspring that is a small fraction let’s develop a new empire MaMa Meme by the way I am the love child of Christmas Carol & sanity clause. Time is of the essence we need toLet’s talk, walk narc lark & bark for the rest of our days unless we are watching motion picture have I got your undivided attention as I have truly broke the DAVINCI code. Reinvented the real. Are we ready to deal with the elite? Are we ready we are born to entertain trust you love this: fuck them love you, love them they fuck you. Inundated with action NOONE is in a position to complain to get riled up that’s a negative emotion we only deal in positive don’t get stressed we are ultimately getting somewhere. Everyday we excel everyday we are truly admirable the truly satisfied know they are living the dream is it science fiction or make believe? That’s a debate… it will always be this way for eternity our way high never low only be low at will ultimately everyone is doing their level best God wants you to apply pressure for pleasure & pleasure for pressure. May we always be disassembled & put back together at the same time. Touch your sexy bottom in may we will never reach the top. Hence it’s all process never outcomes. Progress never incomes. That’s what counts. All you need to know about counting is we are one hand there are never losers have devised with the characters herein serious โ–ถ fun that is eternal can be surmised in Enhancing equality truly bring out the best in each other. Sincerely yours Kind regards Pook pdoubleok twice the fun in half ๐ŸŒ— the time is truly possible. I don’t see what anyone’s problem is we are inundated with action. We need you to wrap your head around this it’s written back to front & centre stands to reason that we are always learning always improving always getting better making this every moment better than the last ultimately we’ve got to feed the bear as I imagine yogi said to boo boo. I truly believe you have the power of Heman & shera I’m not gonna quote people throughout this have my own findings realise this potential & I’ll get you a pair of thunder pants for Xmas a pair of boxer shorts to wear on your ๐ŸŽง now let’s blow it out of the stratosphere or my name isn’t Pook pdoubleok twice the fun in half the time is truly possible make believe take receive. I know you will take this on board & surely purely romance your loved ones. Forever yours long lost last it will always last. How art thou? Who does your office work? One of the directors wives does it, Jesus Christ how many wives does the director have? Well I’ll be a monkeys funcle & you are my destiny. I couldn’t sleep well I could but this isn’t going to suck itself. Pook pdoubleok never just OK double that had been misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder 16 years ago there was no confusion he was working with the elite with the best of the best. He smokes outside in the still of the night with constant flow he coughs unfortunately comes back in opens a bottle of desperadoes savours flavours taste nay waste. strap yourself in tight as Johnny Relentless serves at tennis “hope your waterproofs are truly ready there’s a storm coming” there’s a storm coming just said when serving at tennis. Your input & thoughts are more than welcome. This particular night he was like a kid at Xmas eve what had sanity clause & Christmas Carol brought for him to open this year. Time has a tendency of telling historically that is. collobrate with anyone as I love everyone our 1 true default. Consider White supremacist working with black magic with the yellow fellow. If I wanted bullshit I would buy a bull. Grandpa green is where you get your ice cream from? Ucream from but of course, introduce myself Papapook Pook spelt pdoubleok not just OK double OK I assure you this is worth a look book pook p is an upside down b pook book well worth a look. Now then are they pj’s I’m jp they are leisure pleasure pants. We are All white all right. It all comes out in the wash. ๐Ÿ†” IS ALL I’VE GOT. VERY IMPORTANT IN FORMAT I ON. EYE EYE CAPTIN THE I’s have it. Very important information its all very import ant ๐Ÿœ in format I on. Pay close attention to details provided make it easy take it easy. What you need to realise is the palms of our hands are the same colour we have been sprayed different colours with our hands against the wall (either compete or complete each other we are fine either way Johnny Relentless purpose is to bring you down to lift you up to the heavens or is it a pleasure trip or pressure trap? Either way sounds like we’re fucked trapped or tripped? where this never ends) with our hands against the wall. Never happy for the individual happy for the team same team A team Smelting pot. Never get frustrated you can’t control neither should you want to love is an allowance a licence to ill if you will. Alas we will never understand how truly amazing we are I say alas I mean alassie. Characters Johnny Relentless applies pressure for pleasure disassembling you wanna know credentials of pdoubleok sectioned four times we ultimately need to counteract for the slack can’t hold the beast back. You will never have the fucking audacity to section me again. constantly we are here to make you go aka God Benny Bedlam aka the devil Donnie Fiasco irony personified true specialist truly super rogue Buddhist. Joseph Justice his brother with no thumbs Justice Fingers the arrested is asked have you been up before me before? Miss Chief responds I don’t know what time you get up judge. Next character โš” expert General Consensus. Watch dogs that ultimately deserve a show. You wanna show introducing Bob and Kneil Down. Pdoubleok to give half your money for twice the fun we just chill out. See Hill ๐Ÿ“ค We are all truly Justin Time lost his hair as he’s that thrifty naturally saved on a hair cut, it’s hairedtory considering having cut from the inside when he gets the moneyโŒšalready stars for their frosted crystal balls I will make you famous epitaph game over insert more credits truly putting fun in funeral. told someone that Benny Bedlam is the ๐Ÿ‘ฟ don’t you mean Benny Bentley endorsed by Bentley for half their profits as a result. That is if you wish it to be truly official every proposal is a marriage pro pose Al twice the fun in half ๐ŸŒ— the โŒš introducing sanity clause xmas Christmas Carol. Loch n load will tell you about the ultimate villain the controller control your mind instead of allowing you to love ๐Ÿ˜ your finds love your f(r)iends ๐Ÿฒ carries out Johnny Relentless bidding we reason with Johnny Relentless the ultimate reasoning is saving fellows souls sole soul survivor soul trader partner ๐Ÿ›ณ unlimited company Co operatives. Prepared to take you to the edge of oblivion. Love is giving all.ย  You save nothing without sacrifice. Oh Lord watch us take it with both hands what’s a foot stilletos 12 inches. Mission ensure we don’t have to trouble Joseph โš– year of the ๐Ÿฒ. Benny Bedlam turning into a werewolf don’t Benny ๐Ÿ›‘ Benny unnervingly States it’s too late IT’S TOO Late NOW IT’S OK IT’S OK IT’S NOT OK IT’S NOT OK FUCK UP THE HOOD & SEE HOW THEY LOVE IT. WE STOP FOR NOONE WE GIVE WAY. BOUNCE THE FUCKING BALL DRIBBLE FOAMING AT THE MOUTH MOTHS SEEKING LIGHT. LIKE HORSES CLEARLY STABALISED. Handled like a true champion check the format flawless. Johnny Relentless pressure for pleasure recognise ideality God men meaning woe women we’ve got this & yet Miss Chief pays no attention Babigail Abby Baba & the forty thieves can have it they just had to ask or knot give it them double barreled do you ever truly miss โš  shots. everything ends up in its rightful place wrightful standing for wrongrightful. DWP take this on board if you wish to generate revenue take on board a rum un. Generate more ๐Ÿšธ busy night club two in two ๐Ÿ“ค space time continuum so we’ve got to negotiate with a fucking werewolf wearing silver bullets as a necklace as they won’t save you nowadays Pook pdoubleok puke good job I’m not paying for comedy lessons not Puck so drop the ๐Ÿ’ glider slider sighder drinker. Reason with the werewolf it’s never too late but who decides that you are the werewolf Benny Bedlam demands his piece of pie. Do you want 6 slices or 8? Six I’m not that hungry to handle 8 flipped for infinity surely you can handle infinity and beyond Buzz Lightyear all the cast has a score to settle its not that we are mentally ill we are completely๐Ÿ“ด our ๐Ÿค• einsteen wrote the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again & expecting different results in that he was right doing some thing appreciating different results is fun da mental to your in-sanity coco the clown forever & ever amen. Sanity clause wrapped up pass the parcel pasta parcel don’t be surprised it was always going to be ragu bring out the ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น in you. New empire MaMa empire Meme ultimately go for a we(e) yet do it on your own. Will go through you like a bag of nuts. bUSy you will find what you need here there everywhere. Chose your own adventure best advice I ๐Ÿ give. Processive progressive may you never be considered an outcome outcast outlaw we are ultimately all inclusive. In out shake it all about hokey cokey another term for sex. All terms for sex. All terms for making love. All terms for fucking shit up. Johnny Relentless will disassemble every one constantly the cast. Plaster cast if you’re out of lollypops. Pressure busta rhymes and lip rhymes.,,, smarter way to love life more advancing equality never complain never complacent. Love hate relation ๐Ÿ›ณfun eral โ–ถ list year of the dragon busta rhymes. No regrets with 2020 vision. You can be That fly you have arachnophobia be a fly with no legs take a walk clear your head. Reconfiguration. What gave you the right to make money? Pdoubleok to make money we are disturbed serious โ–ถ fun. Cobra deceives receives strike at any time. You can explain everything herein personally sitting at the top of the world totally grounded we are absolute legends never less always more chilldren follow your trail never doubt yourself Johnny Relentless is the love child of King Kong & Godzilla in fact that is the one of the greatest understatement ever told. pdoubleok is the love child of Christmas Carol & sanity clause. Nan is a bread ๐Ÿž constantly feeding her family what they need to do feel mint all the time feel like your favourite disability this ability a wheel chair is a real chair. never doubt yourself. Johnny Relentless is gangster number 1 kickboxing for 4 billion years. He wants you to fathom fathoms if you wish to take it underwater you can quit quite quiet. Or you can demonstrate your cap abilities. Regardless there is no one to impress but yourself. Rest assured you are fucking impressive now let’s fuck everything because it loves & love everything it because fucks. Nurse gave me a jab I gave her an uppercut. A prick in the arse deserves a prick in the arse. Reciprocation nursery. Alas anal sex is like Xmas to me I don’t give to receive…

Rehabilitation consists of if you do wrong it causes wrong if you do right it causes right if you’re doing it for someone else’s benefit as well as your own it’s right if you’re doing it purely for your own benefit it’s wrong. Everything we do either enhances equality or is fucked & enhances inequality. We are a one world family. You ultimately know if you’re doing right or wrong intend no harm cause no harm you don’t teach anyone a lesson causing harm you are better than that. You are smarter than you can imagine. That is the only way we advance. Exceptions being harm with mutual consent or harm bestowed by God naturally or by your own body to your own body we don’t own anybody other than the one God gave you. Console video games it’s open season. Remember you can’t lose winners are nothing without losers therefore we all win explained further in a previous blog.

Normal is only normal to the individual it’s not right or wrong it’s what makes it mutually easy that counts. Compromise all differences can be settled. Don’t get stressed believe you are getting somewhere. holding a coat hanger – hanger management my dear friend. Consider writing as your ventilation system don’t push it down let it out. If someone doesn’t appreciate you that’s their problem not your problem. Appreciation keeps you grounded expectations are set at a height if you’re high you will come down eventually. Defying gravity indefinitely is impossible. Fearing death has to be the most futile exercise there is death is inevitable. Fear in itself is a selfish exercise in fact all your problems arise from a concern of self or concern of others. God’s work doesn’t concern you it assures you. You don’t need to earn love we are love. Don’t hold anyone to your standards that is expectation. everyone has something to offer everyone is worthwhile. Everyone is an absolute asset believe In everyone. The satisfied cause no harm. If you’re not happy now what makes you think you would be happy with more? All a process there is no outcome. All a learning curve. Life is only suffering if you believe it’s suffering if God wanted you to suffer why are there ๐ŸŒธ Figure out what God wants you figure out what you want. Don’t look for someone to blame, everyone is doing their level best & that is good enough. Past actions don’t determine future actions. Grace forgiveness is your ultimate glory. When we realise that fucking is making love & making love is fucking that we are all equal no matter what inequality only derives when you’re seeking personal gain. Provide communal gains your purpose the meaning of life is to provide communal gains never solely personal gains. The selfish are shellfish the shell weighs them down. Never be defensive forgive the offensive. If someone is doing something there doing it for a reason. I am satisfied will continue not because I have to because I want to. You never know when you will die if you’re constantly striving for more you will never be satisfied. Do you want to die unsatisfied? There will be selfish egotistical people selfishness ironically leaves you with nothing so consider how can it be selfish if it leaves you with nothing? We are all ultimately selfish everything we do we do for ourselves. Equality is key to satisfaction, satisfaction is key to ending suffering. Very fucking impressive. You don’t need to satisfy people, people have to satisfy themselves & the only way they will get there is through appreciation. Prove your worth to yourself not fellows proving your worth to fellows leaves room for disappointment there is no room for disappointment. You can’t please everyone or can you? Wait you just have taken off all the pressure from yourself so anyone reading this will have the pressure taken off them. Communal gain raising levels of equality. I know we are all equal always have always will that hasn’t made me complacent hence the countless entries on this blog.


Appreciation or expectation that’s easy surely appreciation brings satisfaction expectation runs not only the risk of disappointment of something you have no control over further more lacks appreciation of favourable behaviour. Appreciating unfavourable behaviour now that is a true skill. Remembering if you were that person you would be doing the exact same thing is ๐Ÿ—