Why do you need a birth certificate to prove your own sanity do you not even believe the person you’re talking to as been born?homosexuals you have taken the easy way out bear in mind that you can make any relationship work with love & understanding how do you expect God to comprehend 2 males together 2 females together how can you not be inclined to ensure life on earth? Appreciate how lucky we are to have artificial insemination. Can you imagine how fucked we’d be if God started off with Adam & Steve. Regardless wish you every happiness despite the fact. I have asked God to have mercy on your soul for you know not what you do. On the bright side we love everything & everything loves us. Life isn’t suffering how can establishing love for one another be suffering. Is it odd to be even. Even to be odd. Serve justice serve appreciation & stop Aethists as they are arthritis to our almighty creator. It’s about time we gave some fucking gratitude the fact is our almighty creator has given us everything we need to flourish Aethists can’t prove there is no God I can absolutely guarantee there is one. How do you feel? With your hands. Undeniable that we are all proof of God & any resistance to that is absolute bullshit. If I wanted bullshit I would buy a bull. Without God you would be nothing absolutely nothing express gratitude. Can you imagine creating everything & getting no recognition for it. Recognise the ideality of our almighty creator. Dear Lord your grace is a testament of a truly phenomenal creator & it is an absolute pleasure to serve you what I love is how nothing compares to serving our almighty creator. This being can deal with arthritis nothing brings our almighty creator down. If someone doesn’t give you recognition remember you don’t need their recognition ultimately your level best is good enough. Appreciate never expect I rest my case.

Now we can truly collaborate the biggest problem we face is financial gain. The only way we can do what we love is with no financial gain whatsoever. How do you ensure you behave in everyone’s best interest? Answer with no financial gain. There’s absolutely no justification in making money bear in mind we will spend the vast majority of time in the after life the sooner you learn there’s no benefit to making money furthermore there’s no benefit to bringing anyone down. Master the art of serving appreciation. Everyone is doing their level best. EventuAlly we will learn to support endeavours. We are all on the same team our almighty creator has provided all time & resources for free so I put to you doesn’t it feel audacious to put a price tag on it?